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What is the Midwest Jack Russell Terrier Club?
Our Club has been in existence since 1992. We started as the ambition of a few people who loved their Jacks and wanted to meet up with other Jack Russell lovers in hopes of organizing activities that the four legged and two legged animals could enjoy. Our Club has grown rapidly with the majority of members residing in Illinois. We also have members in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Missouri. We welcome all Jack Russell enthusiasts to come and take a look at what our Club offers. We love to work hard and play hard with our JR's or just sit and talk for hours trading some great terrier stories. The MWJRTC tries to offer Club events throughout the entire year which may include educational seminars, monthly Fun Days (Spring through Fall), JRTCA sanctioned trials, a Year-end Awards Banquet /Annual General Meeting.

Our Mission:
To promote and preserve the working nature of the Jack Russell Terrier by maintaining a network of club members with the common goals of organizing events, providing education and supporting ethical breeding practices.

Seminars: Past educational seminars have included obedience, agility, introduction to clicker training, field work, animal first aid and conformation class handling how-to’s. We always welcome suggestions of agendas for future seminars. Fun Days: Fun Days are just what the name implies, these are non-competitive practice days. Fun Day events usually include some of the following: Racing, Go-To-Ground, Super Go-To-Ground, Trailing & Locating, Ball Toss and Puissance (High Jump).

Because the MWJRTC is an affiliate club of the JRTCA, we hold trials that are sanctioned by them. (sanctioned means approved by and following the trial guidelines of The JRTCA—The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America). Sanctioned trials include: Conformation, Racing, Go-To-Ground, and may have Super Go To Ground, Trailing & Locating, Ball Toss, Puissance (High Jump) and Agility.

For more information go the the website........ www.mwjrtc.org

Membership application: click here

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