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MWJRTC (IL)Aug Playing on logs in park
MWJRTC,IL, Aug trial playing at MWJRTC Aug trial
2014 Huntyr and Ryko
Ryko and Huntyr Ryko Christmas 2014
2014 Ryko the Rat
Ryko playing in the fall leaves Ryko and Hammy
Huntyr and Ryko
Ryko, Ryhlan, Mr Moose, Toby and Hammy tobyTwecckle
2014 Toby and Colby Twecckle
Danny Dragon
Toby and Colby Twecckle Danny Dragon
2014 Hammy from Germany
Mr Moose
Hammy from Germany Ryko  and Mr Moose
2014 Ryko and Friends
Ryko and Dragons Ryko and Huntry spring flowers
Ryko Skiing Ryko on his new bike
Ryko new outit Friends
Ryko Rat Burglar Ryko  the piRATe
ryko visiting Old Boot Ryko The Rat Flowers
2014 Huntyr Ribbons
Huntyr's Ribbon Wall Huntyr August 2014
2012 Ryhlan arrives
zack rabbit and ryhlan ryhlan hugging huntyr
2012 Ryhlan
Ryhlan First snowfall
, feeding birds new hanging bed for ryhlan
2012 route pictures
2012 sunrise ronald mcdonald
2011 ZackRabbit Huntyr visit santa trip
zackrabbit/huntyr santa trip zackrabbit/huntyr visit santa
2011 New Jersey Shore
2011 new jersey shore 2011 new jersey shore
2011 South Carolina
2011 South Carolina 2011 South Carolina
2011 friends
Yogi zackRabbit Huntyr best friends
2010 Halloween MWJRTC fun day ....twins
taking rat back to his cage after competition ronald mcdonald
2008 Christmas Holiday pictures
xmas 2008 2008  christmas
December 2, 2008 3rd Birthday
December 2, 2008   3rd Birthday December 2, 2008   3rd Birthday
Huntyr and Jane at Auntie Pat and Uncle Al's
dressed for dinner party 2008 dinner with Jane
John and Huntyr working club booth at Expo
working club Expo booth midwest jack russell terrier club
Posing with new bandana collar.
new bandana collar huntyr and buddy
Lake Michigan, Racine, Wi
Lake Michigan always some place to explore
always some place to explore
digging out a chipmunk mississippi river
exploring... exporing.......digging, digging
Long Lake, LoneRock, Wisc always some place to explore
Looking out window, getting a treat
looking out the door at the motel what did Buddy drop?
Running and playing... always something to do
pushing the ball I love to run
Freeport, IL.... historical debate.. flowers
Lincoln/Douglas debate site, Freeport, IL tulips
fun places to sit and play................
comfy minnie mouse chair at Grandma's house
Fall: Halloween.... trapping season
halloween 2007 waiting for dad to come in from his trapline
Lake Michigan, Racine, Wi
Lake Michigan always some place to explore
playing at Krape Park, Freeport, IL
riding the merry go round driving the old fire engine
fishing indoors and out.......
watching the fish at home fishing on the pecatonic river
finding baby turtles....watching them grow
finding the baby turtles watching the turtles play and grow
winter time...playing and working
looking under the snow riding the budget truck for 4 days during fur routes
parade on TV...... warming up by the fire
our first Macy day parade on tv lonerock, wisc
mr first christmas... giving wish list...stockings
giving wish list to santa dog, cat, bird stockings
Taylor Park, Freeport, IL
dandelions taylor park, freeport, IL
my brother, Gus, puppy and one year
Gus Gus
all four of us.............laying in the big boy chair
all four puppies taking over dads chair
Pheasant Hill Hawk...............Ginger
Pheasant Hill Hawk Ginger
spots on back, just like mom.......cutest pup
Ginger ain't I cute
mom's santa: she was 1. pics when I was 1
Santa, with buddy, cubby, deedee Same Santa from 1956

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