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It was April 8, 2006, when I officially adopted my new mom and dad.
It's been interesting, dad wants me to live up to my instincts
and therefore named me that way.
He is definitely hoping we can go raccoon hunting this fall.
But my new mom wants a cuddlebucket.

I think I am up for the job.
Both of them.
my first day in my forever home
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2011 flagsarriving home for the first time
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Ryko the Rat, and friends

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Huntyr and Ryko, Best Buds Ryko, Santa little helper

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My Picture Stories

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Many of my adventures:
Short Picture Stories

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Huntyr and ZackRabbit Adventures!
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Huntyr / Ryhlan
» 2012 Huntyr agrees to rehome Ryhlan
╗ 2) Looking for Ryhlan
╗ 3) the wait is over!
╗ 4) trip from UK to USA!
» 2012 Ryhlan First Easter

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